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We value community.

Landmark Collective is not only a networking group, but an aspiring community of women who will build-up one another, share in each other’s joys, and support one another through life’s hardships - coming together as innovators is invaluable. We value community above competition before all else.

We value collaboration.

Community above competition? Let’s take it one step further. We believe that sharing our knowledge, resources, personal experiences, connections, and ultimately collaborating will help us thrive as individuals and as a community.

We value education.

Knowledge is a key component of personal growth, and as an entrepreneur, as a community we value growth. There are so many platforms for education out there, but we believe the best education can come from those in our community who have done or are doing what we aspire to do.

We value confidence.

We understand the fear and self-doubt that comes with being an entrepreneur. Confidence is contagious, through networking and building knowledge, we hope to help female entrepreneurs grow their trust, both themselves and their business.

We value mentorship.

We acknowledge that we are not the first women to be navigating our way through the many tasks that being an entrepreneur brings. We encourage finding a mentor to help guide you and offer support when you need it. We also encourage you to become a mentor to the next generation of female leaders. 

We value having fun.

We believe that having fun fuels creativity and is a core value for Landmark Collective. Connecting with like-minded women and growing your business should be fun in order to keep you from experiencing burn out or - what’s worse, not being satisfied with your work.

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